The Cadence Legacy

OMGEE! Finally I have the first chapter of my legacy!!! I’ve been trying to post a legacy since 2009, sims 2 and sims 3, and they’ve crashed and burned. But now I have the Cadence Legacy nee the Cadence Archive Files. This legacy documents the life of Angora Cadence.  

This legacy has been long in the making and i’m proud to announce it. However, I have a few rules to set, more for myself and the interest of the viewers if you’re into that sorta thing. Sooooo let’s go!         

1. The ‘point system’ will not be enforced in this legacy for two main reasons, one, I can’t find the ‘point-rules’ anywhere.  And two, I don’t really get the….hehe…point in using the ‘point system’.         

2. This legacy is matriarch/patriarch, or for us ‘fake’ educational  people, like me, girl/boy.         

3.The use of alphabetical order is purely accidental. I do want to try to get every letter of the alphabet used, however not particularly in A-Z order.         

The next 3 rules are definitely for the ‘Cheater-Bot’ in me. Hehe.         

4. The use of kids TV/Radio is strictly prohibited for me. The  strict fruit intake shall also be prohibited, however there is an exception to that rule, unless a sim has five boys or five girls.         

5. And finally, drumroll please………………my love, boolprop, shall not be used. Unless there is an extremely dignified need to use him. But, if anyone wants to use it, its: testingcheatsenabled true.         

Well, there I have it, my first page documented! If you spent the hard-earned time to read the whole thing, you’re rewarded with a picture of  Generation Head, Angora. (sidenote, I don’t count Angora as Generation 1, her first child is the start of Generation 1)         

In Generation 0, we meet Ms. Angora Cadence. She’s a very religous down-to-earth girl and ready to take on life as a 21 year old woman. Follow her life of challenge and love as founder of The Cadence Legacy!


Generation 0


Chapter 0.1: Lord knows it’s the Beginning            

Chapter 0.2: You Might have a Friend in Me            

Chapter 0.3: New Beginning Part 1            

Chapter 0.3: New Beginning Part 2         

Chapter 0.4: Growing Up       

Chapter 0.5: Through My Eyes     


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  1. Hey, new chapters up on my blog. Please read and comment! 😀


  2. Hey, I was wondering if you had a twitter account? If you do, can you leave your username on my blog?



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